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India is an ancient land where innumerable civilizations have thrived withstanding the ravages of times upholding its identity as an independent, self – reliant nature and a land of diversity and variety. A country that is the abode of over 1/6th of the global population, vibrant with the dream of its people. "India with its good educational structure, banking system, and skilled man power has become the new economic icon of emerging powers.

“At Ryan, we understand the requirement of the present generation and re dedicate ourselves to equip the students with basic attitudes, core values and instincts in addition to a relevant curriculum." Madam Grace Pinto, Managing Director, RIGI.

Our Vision at Ryan, is to provide holistic development to the child in terms of his body, mind and soul. This is diligently pursued by providing a positive learning environment in which resources are channelised to achieve the maximum development of the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects of our children's personality to effectively contribute to the well being of the society.

Every Ryanite is a "King in making". Keeping an eye on the overall development of students, we at Ryan's, strive to incorporate all these technical transformations, to the best possible use. With a foresight into the future, we plan and allocate our resources accordingly.

We as teachers following the vision points shown by of our Chairman Sir Dr. Augustine F. Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto try to produce global citizens by nurturing their skills, polishing their talents and facilitating a learning environment. The main aim of a good education is to equip students with all information they need so as to make their dreams come true. It also sharpens the mind of the learner and this can pave way to a better future for the learner. At Ryans we follow a child- friendly approach to make teaching an effective process. At Ryans teachers focus on total needs of students as a learner, so that students can develop his or her maximum potentials. The goal throughout is to promote child-centred education with teachers who are trained accordingly, supported by adequate resources and appropriate physical, emotional and social conditions for learning.

At Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar Phase - III "Excellence In Education", Education for life & Commitment to a meaningful education are of prime importance.

Ris Mayur Vihar III is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education duly recognised by the Dept. of Education - Govt. of Delhi.
School has students enrolled from Mont. III to grade 12. XI & XII students prepare for the All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. Students are offered following combinations of subjects.
Streams Offered:
Science - English Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Computer    Science, Physical Education.
Commerce - English Core, Mathematics, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Physical Education.
Humanities - English Core, Economics, Sociology,Political Science, Mathematics, Psychology, Physical Education.
Creative Arts
- To promote theatre & dramatics in a pro-active manner. International Childrens Festival of Performing Arts (Anually).
- Leadership skill sensitise them on world issues, help world global citizens INMUN, UN Day Celebrations & School Parliament.
- Community Service Eco-Friendly & initiative corrective action, tree plautation drives, Maintaining local cleanliness.
- Societal Obligations Welfare of destitute & the aged, visit to orphanages & serve the elderly.
- Club Activities Keeps them abreast with the latest in education through various clubs to inculcate reading habits Reading Club to explore space & solar system, Astronomy Club enhance oral expression & Debate Club confidence.
Group Activity (G: 12) and (G: 6)

- Creates Team Spirit, nurtures co-operation & co-ordination (Eco-club, Maintaince of Herbal Garden & Green House, Vermi compost pit).

- Exploration & Experimentation, Widen their experience & enrich their.

- Knowledge, Field trips, visit to R.B.I., Jim Corbott.
One hour class per week rejuvenates students, equip them for self-defence
Heightened physical awareness contributes to higher intellectual abilities.

From STD VIII & IX and XI Girl Cadet & STD VIII & IX Boy Cadet Groups.
Physical Development
- Provides facilities for learning games and sports for students. Organised Athletic Meets & Mini-Marathon Races.
- Cultural Exchange Programme Foreign trips for understanding foreign cultures.
- Global Class Room Casio Egypt. - Quality Circle Mauritius. - Theatre Festivals Turkey, Japan, Pakistan, Germany, Jordan.


During the early days of childhood, play- way method of educatiion is used.The class rooms are filled with interesting ideas and facts. Curriculum designed for preschool includes a variety of days, festivities, learning concepts and interactions. Sports are an important part of the curriculum where safe methods of play and interaction are used. Another aspect during the preschool is about development of motor skills and other keen senses. This can be taught with clay molding, scribble pads, Coloring, and, general activities that are based on holding, writing with crayons and balancing. Nursery curriculum includes the introduction to alphabets, fruits, vegetables and numbers in a very interactive way. This is done with teaching aids and flash cards.



In elementary schools, the curriculum is designed based on activity learning on a universal curriculum, which works on all sections of the students’ psyche and aid in the total development of the student. No area is left untouched. Hence, the curriculum aids in the proper development, while the child comes to terms with his or her own inclination. Therefore, at primary school levels, the curriculum aims at providing a structured platform, which gives every child an equal opportunity to excel.


The curriculum here is a mixture of play way and interactive teaching. Various methods like role play, puppet dramatization; audio visual explanation is followed here for overall development of the child. The child lays a strong foundation of learning at this level hence regular practice is given to the students.


At Ryans we help middle school students - grades 6-8 get off to a good start. Our program inspires and motivates students to acquire the skills they need to succeed in high school and beyond. We offer curriculum for a complete middle school education or individual courses to supplement a student’s traditional or home school education. The curriculum includes Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies for each grade level, and an array of elective and advanced courses. The teaching is activity oriented and gives a platform to the child to express himself as well as to develop a good vocabulary. Various activities like extempore, model making, debates, excursions, power point presentations take place here. The child is trained for a comprehensive overall development of all the qualities of the head and the heart.

In High Schools(IX TO XII)

At high school levels, teenagers can take their own liberty in choosing their second language and certain specified subjects.This helps in the development of the teenager, with added importance of being given the field of his own choice. At this stage, the development is more focused and rampant, enhanced through a proper curriculum. Our students perform well at the CBSE Board Exam and have always secured admissions in reputed colleges of higher education. The implementation of continuous comprehensive evaluation at class IX and X is also being followed.

Recreational Activities
Personality enhancement & contributes to physical & mental health thereby enhancing academic performance.
Towards a Holistic Growth
To promote theatre & dramatics in a pro-active manner. International Children's Festival of Performing Arts (Annually).
Leadership skill sensitise them on world issues, help world global citizens INMUN, UN Day Celebrations & School Parliament.
Community Service Eco-Friendly & initiative corrective action, tree plantation drives, Maintaining local cleanliness
Societal Obligations Welfare of destitute & the aged, visit to orphanages & serve the elderly.
Various clubs to inculcate reading habits (Reading Club) to explore space & solar system (Astronomy Club) enhance oral expression (Debate Club) etc.
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